Yeo Lyle

Yeo Lyle

Residency period: 7 Nov - 4 Dec 2022

Yeo Lyle is the artistic director of Kosong Space (theatre production), He is a theatre director and actor, who graduated from the National Taiwan University of Arts (Drama Department) and the New Era College Drama & Visual Department (theatre major). In recent years, he has explored different artistic expressions - to examine life's hidden layers, and to explore more precise art

forms. In 2021, he collaborated with Yuwen Ong, an illustrator to showcase their personal fishing village histories via multiple artistic modes during an arts residency and multi-disciplinary project in Batu Pahat, titled 'A fishermen's house, two children from fishing villages'. He also presented site-specific work in local community spaces, 'Labour & Weight: A Traveling Exhibition', in collaboration with four artists from different disciplines.

2016《八月初,在寂黑无光的洞里,亮点灯》 “The moment, Silent dark, Lights” | The Summit, Batu Pahat Site-specific and multi-disciplinary experiential theatre performance.

2015 “Living Theatre” | People`s Court, Penang Site-specific art-residency and exhibition project. Photo credit: Chew Tat Ban / Adeline

2021 “A fisherman’s house, two children from fishing Villages” | Rumah Haikao, Batu Pahat. Site-specific arts residency and multi-disciplinary project. Photo credit: Pam Lim


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