A vessel travelling

at the speed of


Rises out of

the darkness.

Conjured by the seas,

she is ever on
the move

Harvesting stories
within stories.



and housing

temporary strangers.


Pinjam Ferry is an ever-expanding constellation of memories, sightings and meandering portals into the many realms of our region. Launching off from artist studios and spaces sited in Singapore, Johor and Bintan, the digital project delves into the world of hosting seen through the eyes of artists and cultural practitioners.

Collectively, we explore ​the meaning of playing host in our ever-changing environment.

How do we host?

What are the necessary tools we need to grow and live in this new world?

How do acts of hospitality create new experiences and senses of comfort and well-being for both guests and hosts? Can hospitality be seen as a form of cultural resistance?

​In times of unprecedented change, can acts of hospitality lead to new artistic forms and develop critical engagement with the culture of our time?

Ubah Rumah

Spirits Strait

Long Ya Men

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