Ubah Rumah Residency

Partnering with Nikoi Island, Ubah Rumah Residency is long term project hosting artist and researchers whose work focus on notions of hospitality and ecology primarily in the Singapore-Malaysia-Riau islands region.

Ubah Rumah, which means home of change, is inspired by the nomadic culture of the Orang Laut and the ​maritime history of the region. ​During the residency, we collectively explore ​the meaning of playing host in an ever-changing environment. How do we host? What are the necessary tools we need to grow and live in this new world? ​In times of unprecedented change, can acts of hospitality (e.g exchanging gifts, sharing space, place, shelter, nourishment, knowledge and even pain or grief) lead to new artistic forms and develop critical engagement with the culture of our time?

This residency also houses a Collective Archive of text, photography and audio-visual materials created during the residency, alongside contributions from the public. The Collective Archive aims to be a creative resource that offers diverse artistic expressions and viewpoints from artists and cultural practitioners in the region.

The Outpost Gallery features a selection of artworks, text, photographs and videos from contributions to the Collective Archive.


Co-artistic Directors

Alecia Neo

is the co-founder and Artist Lead at Brack. She develops long-term projects that involve collaborative partnerships with individuals and communities.

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Ernest Goh

Artist and Photographer Ernest Goh founded Ayer Ayer, an ecologically engaged art project that reaches out to communities through visual, experiential and participatory artworks in art and science.

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We are indebted to the knowledge and generosity of artist Gilles Massot for his kindest support in the journey of discovering Bintan and the history of our region.

We would also like to especially thank the following people who have graciously shared their time and expertise with us: 

Pak Long, Siti Aminah, Pak Zainudin, Marc Thalman, Michel Lippitsch, Taufik Afdal, students and Head of English Education Department of Islamic College of Miftahul Ulum Tanjung Pinang, Fitri Ya’akob, NTU CCA Singapore

Translator for Videos:

Taufik Afdal, with support from Ilya Katrinnada

Project Assistance:

Dylan Chan and Farizi Noorfauzi

Supported by:

Project Partners: