Ubah Rumah Residency Artist

Dr Neo Mei Lin

Residency Period:

Dr. Neo Mei Lin is a familiar face at the St John’s Island National Marine Laboratory, having started her research work on the iconic giant clams since 2006. She is Senior Research fellow in the Reef Ecology Laboratory at the Department of Biological Sciences, NUS.

Her current research interests include the mariculture of marine invertebrates (giant clam, sea urchin), experimental marine ecology, population genetics, and marine conservation. Mei Lin is also an advocate for science communication and to bring a voice for the conservation of under-appreciated marine invertebrates. On top of her research, Mei Lin gives talks to various schools and organisations, as well as volunteers in local conservation groups to promote marine conservation messages and educate fellow volunteers.

Areas of Interest

  • Experimental marine ecology
  • Culture of marine invertebrate species
  • Invertebrate larval biology and ecology
  • Population genetics and phylogeography
  • Fate of microplastics in invertebrate larvae
  • Marine biodiversity and conservation
  • Science communication

Outcomes in residency
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