Ubah Rumah Residency Artist

Dr. Alex Figueroa & Holly Siow

Residency Period:
6 Aug
11 Aug

Dr. Alex Figueroa

Dr. Alex Figueroa is an American herpetologist who has been living in Singapore for the last 11 years. His research interest centres around evolutionary ecology, where he is mostly interested in the evolutionary relationships among snakes, and the evolution and ecology of arboreal snakes (treesnakes). Recently, he has published a monographic checklist covering the amphibians and reptiles of Singapore. Over the years, Alex has also worked as a biological consultant, performing field surveys for various environmental impact assessments (EIA) in Singapore and the U.S. Currently, Alex is a research associate at the Lee Kong Chian Museum of Natural History where he works for the International Commission of Zoological Nomenclature and continues doing research.

Holly Siow

Holly Siow is an ecologist with 13 years of professional expertise in biodiversity conservation, ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), and Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan (EMMP) projects. She specializes in ensuring sustainable and ecologically sensitive practices in collaboration with clients.

Holly's experience includes to research and application-based projects across diverse taxonomic groups. Her portfolio includes vulnerability assessments of mangrove ecosystems to climate change, meticulous macroinvertebrate surveys in freshwater and forest environments, botanical surveys of freshwater swamp forests, and herpetofauna population studies in natural habitats.

Holly is an advocate for harnessing the power of biodiversity to address global challenges. She believes that restoring and preserving natural habitats, coupled with innovative nature-based strategies, is not just a scientific endeavour but a holistic solution to a myriad of environmental issues.

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