Djuwadi Ahwal

Timor Leste
Member of Taring Padi

Djuwadi Ahwal (b. 1974) is a self-taught and accomplished artist from Blora district Central Jawa, Indonesia, who is well-known for his woodcut prints and highly skilled in Javanese wood carving. His commitment to community-based arts has diversified his forms of expression to visual and performance arts and street art. He often takes on the role of a teaching artist in communities, focusing on environmental and social political issues.

Growing up near a Teak forest, he began an informal apprenticeship in traditional Javanese wood carving at age 15, learning from several master practitioners living in Randublatung, In 2005, he became a member of the renowned Yogyakarta-based art activist collective, Taring Padi, with his art reflecting strong political and social activism. In both his personal work and his collaborative work with Taring Padi, he seeks to raise awareness of human rights through the culture of sharing and exchange. Over the years, Djuwadi has accumulated a rich and diverse experience, working collaboratively and living with communities, artists and on themes of nature and ecologies. From 2006 - 2016, he was deeply involved in Festival Mata Air , annual community Art and Music event located in Salatiga, Central Java. The event is organised by Komunitas TUK - Tanam Untuk Kehidupan- (‘Planting for Life’), to raise awareness about the environment and the issue of water. Festival Mata Air has become an international platform for collaboration and exchange between a wide range of art communities, musicians, environmentalists and local residents. With a strong emphasis on grass roots community organising, capacity building and skill sharing, this festival has established itself as a significant community-based environmental awareness campaign.

Djuwadi used art and music to engage communities with how they can maintain their water resources. He also uses organic materials such as bamboo, scrapped recycled timber, recycled plastic rubbish to create art installations and carnival costumes.

He has participated in numerous exhibitions, festivals and ran workshops as an independent artist and as a member of Taring Padi in Indonesia, Malaysia. Australia, East Timor, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and the USA. He is currently based in Dili, Timor Leste.

Woodcut print by Djuwadi Ahwal

Artist-designed and Hand-crafted teak wood panels for his home, Installation in progress

Artist-designed and Hand-crafted teak wood panels for his home, Installation in progress